Manually double up a time on the prayer vigil
Kershaw Kairos

Select Prayer Vigil:

Overnite Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  12:00a 12:00a 12:00a
  12:30a 12:30a 12:30a
  1:00a 1:00a 1:00a
  1:30a 1:30a 1:30a
  2:00a 2:00a 2:00a
  2:30a 2:30a 2:30a
  3:00a 3:00a 3:00a
  3:30a 3:30a 3:30a
  4:00a 4:00a 4:00a
  4:30a 4:30a 4:30a
  5:00a 5:00a 5:00a
  5:30a 5:30a 5:30a
  6:00a 6:00a 6:00a
  6:30a 6:30a 6:30a
  7:00a 7:00a 7:00a
  7:30a 7:30a 7:30a
  8:00a 8:00a 8:00a
  8:30a 8:30a 8:30a
  9:00a 9:00a 9:00a
  9:30a 9:30a 9:30a
  10:00a 10:00a 10:00a
  10:30a 10:30a 10:30a
  11:00a 11:00a 11:00a
  11:30a 11:30a 11:30a
  noon noon noon
  12:30p 12:30p 12:30p
  1:00p 1:00p 1:00p
  1:30p 1:30p 1:30p
  2:00p 2:00p 2:00p
  2:30p 2:30p 2:30p
  3:00p 3:00p 3:00p
  3:30p 3:30p 3:30p
4:00p 4:00p 4:00p  
4:30p 4:30p 4:30p  
5:00p 5:00p 5:00p  
5:30p 5:30p 5:30p  
6:00p 6:00p 6:00p  
6:30p 6:30p 6:30p  
7:00p 7:00p 7:00p  
7:30p 7:30p 7:30p  
8:00p 8:00p 8:00p  
8:30p 8:30p 8:30p  
9:00p 9:00p 9:00p  
9:30p 9:30p 9:30p  
10:00p 10:00p 10:00p  
10:30p 10:30p 10:30p  
11:00p 11:00p 11:00p  
11:30p 11:30p 11:30p  

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