Kairos Prison Ministry - Kershaw, SC

"I was a prisoner and You visited me." - Matt. 25:36

  • Give thanks for the warden and staff for allowing Kairos to come in Give thanks for all the volunteers who make it possible for Kairos to go in prisons
  • Pray for all the participants by name, if their names are available
  • Pray that the participants' stress and anxiety will be reduced and their comfort levels will increase as the weekend goes on
  • Pray for each participant’s salvation if they don't know Christ rededication of their lives if they have already accepted Christ as their Savior
  • Pray each participant has ears to hear the Holy Spirit
  • Pray the participants have understanding of what they hear
  • Pray that the participants' walls of resistance are broken down
  • Pray that the participants understand how much God loves them
  • Pray that the participants begin developing a Christian community of support among themselves
  • Pray for safety as the participants go back to their cells
  • Pray the participants are able to forgive and offer forgiveness
  • Pray that the participants open up with those at their tables (a table of participants and team are called family for the weekend)
  • Pray that the participants understand and accept God's love, mercy and grace offered to them individually
  • Pray for mending relationships between participants and between participants and their families
  • Pray that the participants will commit to and develop a daily Bible study and personal prayer time
  • Pray that the participants accept God's gift of grace
  • Pray that they expose their lives, hurts, disappointments and hopes
  • Pray that each participant is open individually to counsel with clergy
  • Pray that the family tables bond and open up with genuine sharing during their chapel prayer times
  • Pray that all participants will accept the crosses offered to them during the cross ceremony on Sunday afternoon
  • Pray that each participant's heart will be touched by the love of Christ and the Christian community as she/he read hers/his agape letters from the team
  • Pray that at closing all the participantd will have open hearts to share
  • Pray that the placemats at the tables during meals will pierce the hearts of the participants
  • Pray that the participants' hearts will be touched by the posters on the walls sent by people from all over the world
  • Pray that on Friday the participants will understand themselves and their standing with God
  • Pray that on Saturday the participants will examine their relationship with Christ and with others and the role forgiveness has in their relationships
  • Pray that on Saturday the participants will give and receive forgiveness
  • Pray that on Saturday the participants begin the process of growing in faith and community with other participants
  • Pray that the participants look forward to life in Christian community in the institution
  • Pray that the participants understand that when they walk in the love of God, they become vehicles to pass that love on to others
  • Pray that the weekend schedule goes smoothly
  • Pray that the team models vulnerability
  • Pray that the team listens to the participants
  • Pray that the team has a sacrificial attitude throughout the weekend
  • Pray that team members serve with thankful hearts for what God has done for them and through them
  • Pray that the team's loyalty is to Christ not their denominational differences
  • Pray that all team members follow the rules of the prison in which they are guest
  • Pray that the team models humble servant hood
  • Pray that the team meetings in the evenings after they leave the prison will be times of
  • prayer and worship
  • Pray that the team will be obedient to the Kairos model
  • Pray that the clergy let the Holy Spirit lead them in their counsel of the participants
  • Pray that the team plants seeds of love
  • Pray that the team members serve as anonymous servants
  • Pray that all speakers are obedient to their talk outlines
  • Pray that the team members realize their limitations
  • Pray that the team members realize they are in control of nothing God is in control
  • Pray that those offenders not attending the Kairos weekend will see God's love in action for them through the actions and attitudes of those incarcerated who do attend
  • Pray that the counts go smoothly and quickly (these are the times during the day when the correctional officers count off the offenders to be sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be) and that there won't be any extra counts or lockdowns
  • Pray the prison staff will see the benefits of the Kairos experience to the participants and to the prison community
  • Pray for a continuing good relationship between the Kairos community and the prison officials
  • Pray that the prison chaplain attends the weekend and supports the Prayer and Share Groups (these are small accountability groups of offenders that meet weekly to share about their Christian walk and pray for and with each other)
  • Pray for good attendance at monthly support group of former Kairos participants and team
  • Pray specifically tor the superintendent
  • Pray for Assistant Superintendent (in charge of security)
  • Pray for Chaplain
  • Pray for Volunteer Coordinator
  • Pray for the correctional officers
  • Pray for all the offenders housed at the institution
  • Pray for the chapel crew as they set up and handle chapel
  • Pray for the kitchen crew (preparing the meals) that the food will be done on time and that there is plenty of food
  • Pray for the music team that they set the mood for great worship times
  • Pray for the weekend leader
  • Pray also for other key leadership roles that they make good decisions and complete they roles on time and without complications (inside coordinator, head servant, agape coordinator, head music, chapel coordinator, kitchen leader)
  • Pray for the victims of the participating offenders
  • Pray that there are no problems with the transporting the team in and out of prison
  • Pray for the talks given during the weekend
  • Pray for chapel services: "The Wall" and the forgiveness ceremony
  • Pray that the community that attends the closing will be supportive of the participants
  • Pray that those who are on the prayer chain will remember to pray
  • Pray that the closing will be an actual worship service
  • Pray that everything is done in sequence during the weekend and that nothing is added or left out
  • Pray that Thursday evening will be lighthearted and friendly the mood that will be modeled by the team
  • Pray that they weekend will be conducted within the assigned time limits
  • Pray that the weekend will be conducted in total compliance with the Kairos excellence initiative
  • Pray that the weekend graduates assisting as servants (these are offenders who have formerly attended an entire Kairos weekend) remain in the background when they are not serving
  • Pray that each participant will feel welcomed and cared for by their weekend host (one team member is assigned to greet and make frequent contacts with one of the participants)
  • Pray that the poster party be a fun and affirming time for the participants
  • Pray for the talk of encouragement given by a previous Kairos weekend graduate is energetic, encouraging and effective
  • Pray each participant during their 4th day to attend instructional days and monthly reunions Give God thanks for giving you the willingness to pray for the team and participants
  • O Praise God for what he is and will do in all of us for answering His all to serve Him

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20 Jul
KERCI#43 Team Meeting #1
Date 07.20.2024 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
KERCI#43 2024 Fall Weekend Team Meeting #1, led by Steve Heape
20 Jul
KERCI#43 Team Meeting #1
07.20.2024 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
KERCI#43 2024 Fall Weekend Team Meeting #1, led by Steve Heape
26 Jul
KERCI#43 July 26th Monthly Reunion
07.26.2024 9:00 am - 11:30 am
KERCI#43 led by Steve Heape monthly reunion. Please be sure to sign up by Tuesday July 23rd to facilitate entry at the gate and help with food and provisions. Meet at the gate at 8:45AM and thank you for participating!
3 Aug
KERCI#43 Team Meeting #2
08.03.2024 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
KERCI#43 2024 Fall Weekend Team Meeting #2, led by Steve Heape